Another year come and gone…

Well, we have nearly survived another year. I have a goal of keeping up with this blog better during the coming year better than I have this past year–so keep an eye on here.

Some of the major updates for me are:

  • I start school for my Master’s degree on 2 January. I am looking forward to that, as I hope that it will open up a few more doors and I love to learn. With any luck, it should only take me about two years. I’ll post updates on that as I move forward with it.
  • Our game, the LifeForce project, is progressing well–I have some photos of our other playtests that I plan to post early next year and we will hopefully have it at what we are considering an “Alpha” stage by mid-February.
  • Lynda and I are still working toward adopting, we have some more paperwork to fill out and then we will start working on our adoption blog, I’ll post a link here as soon as that goes live.
  • As for my business, Breaking Dawn was very kind and we were able to get a piece of machinery that we have wanted for some time now. We now have the capability to do printed vinyl decals and skins for various devices. More to follow on that.
  • Also, I have a couple of new hobbies–and some old ones–that I plan on posting on here. Very vague, I know.

All in all, I am looking forward to a great new year and hope that all goes well in yours, too.

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