Indie Royale All Charity Lightining Pack

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Indie Royale is similar to the Humble Bundle and is one of the best of that type of service. Today they bring us an excellent offering and an extra opportunity to donate to charity. Both Humble and Indie Royale always have a charity they benefit regularly, but the proceeds usually get split between the developer, the charity and the service. However, all proceeds from this pack will go to Amnesty International, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Act!onaid and Unicef. All of which are great charities.

Today’s deal is called the All-Charity Lightning Pack and features Osmos, B.U.T.T.O.N., The Shivah, and Blueberry Garden. Of these, I am only really familiar with Osmos, as it has been making the rounds lately. I can say, however, that Osmos is totally worth the current minimum of $4.44 all by itself. And if you are feeling generous, you can always beat the minimum and do more for these charities. As a bonus, if you pay more than $7, you also get three MP3 album downloads from 6995, Disaster-peace and VIRT.

Head on over to Indie Royale and check out the bundle!

All of the games are available for Desura and all but The Shiva are available on Steam. As of this writing they have sold 687 bundles with a total of $3523.88 raised for the charities.

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