Yes, I am still alive!

I haven’t posted anything on here in what seems like forever. The best laid plans and all that…. In any event, a quick update on my status:

Adoption: We are just about done with getting our adoption paperwork in order–which means that potential birth parents will soon be looking at our profile and, hopefully, decide to place their baby with us. If anyone reading this would like to help us by giving out pass-along cards, please drop me a line and I will make sure that you get some as soon as we have them printed. I don’t know how much I will actually talk about the adoption process here, as we will have a dedicated adoption blog that will be housed at –which should be up and running later this week.

LifeForce Project: Things have been both crazy and slow for this. We are just about to get everything ready to start our Kickstarter for the project and hopefully that will help us to get some funds for artwork and whatnot. I’ll post a link to that as soon as the Kickstarter goes live. In other news for the game, we have made some massive changes to the gameplay and I think that it has come out much better for them. I’ll do a more detailed post on that later.

Hobbies: As some of you know, I have been on a quest to learn how to make nearly everything from scratch. Cheese and other foods have always been at the top of my list, but recently I have started making hand-crafted cosmetics and spa products.  Recent things made include Aftershave–in two flavors, with a third planned, Deodorant, Cold Cream and I just made up some hair “gel” that is actually made from a clay. I am learning a ton of stuff about Essential Oils and their applications in just about everything. I’ll do a much more detailed post on some of this stuff at a later date and post a link to my Etsy shop when that happens as well.

Fiction Addictions: We went to LDS Storymakers this past weekend and had a great time, we met many great authors and hope to do some business with several of them. Updates on that as it happens.

Project 366: Still going strong with this. Today is day 128 and the whole collection with comments and descriptions can be found here: A Year in Photos. Or you can just check out this slide show:

All in all, things have been hopping. This month we will see a trip to Oklahoma and next month we will be in L.A. for a bit. I do hope to do better about posting here and really doing something with this blog. Thanks for reading and I promise that it won’t be another Five months before I post again.

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  • You’re still alive, still alive again?

    • Indeed I am… Though, no cake to lie about these days…

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