Lingering Delusions of a Broken Mind

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Not being able to believe your own mind, that is the scariest thing.

I’m going to be honest and state that I am not completely certain that I have that quote 100% correct. But I believe that it is close. Last night at the release party, Dan told us that this statement from a friend that was reviewing an early draft of The Hollow City that gave him a direction to follow for this novel. And I am glad that he took the advice and ran with it.

What comes of that is the story of a young man named Michael Shipman who believes completely that he is being followed by Them, a sinister organization of faceless men that are hell-bent on tracking his every move through any and all devices that can transmit or receive an electromagnetic signal. This paranoia has led him to be unemployed and, ultimately, locked away in a mental institution after being diagnosed with schizophrenia. But what if some of his delusions are real? And if that is true, which parts are fantasy and which are real?

The most fascinating parts of this novel take place as Michael struggles with his delusions and makes some pretty amazing discoveries. This is definitely one of those books that you need to read without knowing too much about it, so I’m not going to spoil it for anyone. As for what kind of book this is, it has been very adeptly described as “a book version of A Beautiful Mind, minus all the mathematics and relationship issues. If that sounds like something that’s up your alley, then you shouldn’t miss this.”

Dan Wells is not only one of my favorite people, but also one of my favorite authors. If you are not familiar with Dan’s work, his past novels have been the John Cleaver series–which includes I am Not a Serial Killer, Mr. Monster and I Don’t Want to Kill You–as well as an amazingly wonderful short story called A Night of Blacker Darkness and his (previously) most recent novel, Partials.

The Hollow City officially released yesterday, and you can pick up a copy of The Hollow City at your local bookstore or on Amazon in either the physical or Kindle flavor with an audio version supposedly arriving at Audible in the near future.

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